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When you met your spouse at the altar, did you think they would eventually…

· Choose family or friends over you?

· Communicate aggressively?

· Have a wandering eye?

· Be irresponsible or reckless with money?

· Be bossy or self-centered?


No matter what you experience in your marriage, there is a way to redeem, restore and recover from it. 

Coupled For Life examines “The Personalities” as it relates to traditional wedding vows and provides practical tips to overcome personality differences. 

 Coupled For Life offers you…

· An opportunity to take a personality test to identify your personality


· A look at how each personality style views other personality styles

· A glimpse of how each personality sees and operates in marriage, as   

 it relates to traditional wedding vows

· Testimonials from couples who were challenged in their wedding

  vows from “To Have and To Hold” through “Until Death Do Us Part”

· Tips to help you overcome personality differences commonly 

  experienced in marriage

          God wants you “Coupled For Life”, no excuses!