Add Some Personality To Your Event

Add Some Personality To Your Event

Add Some Personality To Your EventAdd Some Personality To Your EventAdd Some Personality To Your Event

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The Personalities

Personality Overview

As an Advanced Personality Trainer and Speaker, my goal is to help you unify and reconcile your relationships, one personality at a time. The training and speaking engagements use "The Personalities" developed by the world-renowned personality speaker and author, Florence Littauer.  Below is a brief overview of "The Personalities":  
There are 4 Personality styles: Two Extroverted (outgoing) Styles and Two Introverted (Internal) Styles:
1. Popular Sanguine – Tagline: Let’s do it the fun way! 

A Sanguine desires to have fun as their primary objective. They tend to be spontaneous, talkative, loud and social. They can be forgetful, disorganized, egotistical, and easily angered. Examples: Bill Clinton, Kelly Ripa, and Wendy Williams. 

2. Powerful Choleric – Tagline: Let’s do it my way! 

A Choleric desire to have control as their primary objective. They tend to be strong leaders, decisive, get it done kind of personality and exudes confidence. They can also be bossy, impatient, quick-tempered and inflexible. Examples: Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, and Judge Judy.
3. Perfect Melancholy – Tagline: Let’s do it the right way! 

A Melancholy desires to have order/perfection as their primary objectives. They tend to be highly intelligent, organized, compassionate and thoughtful. They can be prone to depression, moody, remember the negative and self-centered. Examples: President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Beethoven.
4. Peaceful Phlegmatic – Tagline: Let’s do it the easy way! 

A Phlegmatic desires to have peace as their primary objective. They tend to be loyal, easy-going, consistent and sympathetic. They can be uninvolved, unenthusiastic, fearful and selfish. Examples: Keanu Reeves, Calvin Coolidge, and Sandy Koufax.


About Me


Advanced Certified Personality Trainer

Karen Ward is an Advance Certified Personality Trainer who studied under the world-renowned speaker and personality guru Florence Littauer. Karen's mission is to foster healthier and stronger relationships through the understanding of our individual personality styles. 


Personality Coaching

All relationships can be challenging but understanding your personality can help you navigate through your differences.  Karen offers individualized personality coaching to address your relationship challenges utilizing life application tools. 


Workshops and Keynotes

Karen Ward is an awarded, dynamic transformational speaker. Her informative, fun-filled workshops leave audiences laughing and learning at the same. We tailor workshops to meet the client's needs and/or themes to address your relationship issues.



Coupled For Life

"Coupled for Life" is designed to help married couples stay married by teaching couples about personality traits, basic desires and emotional needs of their mates.

"Coupled for Life - for singles" is a workshop that prepares single people for the personalities of their potential mates.


Leadership Training

Karen provides personality focused leadership classes, training, workshops, and seminars to businesses, non-profit groups, ministries, organizations and retreats. 

Workshop example:

The Personality of a leader training provides an insight into the personality traits that leaders exhibit. This training focuses on communication and the work dynamic as it relates to the personalities. 


Retreats and Organizational Training

Some of the workshops created for retreats and organizations clients were:

  • Surrender Your Personality
  • A Healed Personality: Unmasking Your True Self
  • I Got Your Back, Sis! (Understanding my Sister's Personality)
  • The Personality of a Leader
  • The Mother/Daughter Connection

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