Karen Ward - Advanced Personality Trainer


Karen Ward is a dynamic speaker, Advanced Certified Personality Trainer and former radio show host. She presents personality speeches, workshops, and seminars to business, non-profit groups, ministries, retreats, and organizations.  Her high quality, high content, high energy personality programs are delivered in a humorous, down-to-earth style that everyone will relate to and remember. 

Our personalities drive every decision that we make, therefore understanding how personalities shape our lives and impact our future is crucial. My business slogan is "Know yourself - Change your future". Understanding your personality traits, basic desires and emotional needs can help you make better decisions for your life, business, ministry, etc.

Prior to becoming a full-time professional speaker, Karen had approximately 25 years of corporate experience as a highly successful manager, data analyst, methods analyst, and trainer. As the Founder and former Executive Director of "The Daughters of Destiny, Inc." training and mentoring program, she was able to merge her passion for teaching youth and adult groups with her desire to train "The Personalities" and help foster healthier relationships.  


Karen is a featured speaker on "The 40 Day Surrender Fast" Weekly Wrap-up show with Dr. Celeste Owens' - "Ask Karen" segment. Karen launched her own radio show entitled "Personality Speaking". She is currently working on her first book about "Teaching the personalities”. She also provides Personality coaching to guide you into becoming your best self through practical life application exercises. 

Karen is married to the love of her life and Co-Founder, Danzel Ward. She is the mother of one son and two daughters and grandmother of three precious little girls. She is a faithful member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, MD. 

Karen Ward, Certified Personality Trainer, is available to speak and train on "The Personalities" (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, Peaceful Phlegmatic) for your business, social events, ministry, and retreats.