Personality Parties

Looking for a great idea for a themed party? Looking to have fun and learn about yourself and others? Contact us about scheduling a Personality Party for next event. 

"My personality party was nothing short of excellent. Karen provided exactly what I wanted relating to friendships. Everyone who attended not only enjoyed themselves but also learned something new about themselves and their friends."

-April B.

Coupled For Life (Tn)

"Coupled for Life - for Married" Workshop/Seminar

Marriage is not for the faint at heart. It requires hard work and a desire to fight for what is important. Furthermore, marriage can be challenging when you don’t know who you are or to whom you are married. Understanding each other’s personalities can prevent misunderstandings and promote healthier relationships. Most people work at everything in their lives (work, ministry, parenting, etc.) but they do not put enough effort into making marriages last forever. 


"24 for years of marriage and an empty nest. Where do you go from here? How do you keep it fresh? Attend the “Coupled for Life” conference. Coupled for Life was a professionally presented conference that included trainers and panelist from various backgrounds and experiences. This conference gave us “food for thought”, seasoned with fun, laughter and spice and the skills to move forward together. There was something for everyone who attended. I highly recommend this conference". ~ ```Frank & Geneva Rice


"She (Karen) had knowledge in all 4 personality styles and gave good examples in all areas".


“Coupled for Life – for Singles” Workshop/Seminar

Singled Out - is a workshop that prepares single people for the personalities of their potential mates.

Personality Coaching

All relationships can be challenging but understanding your personality can help you navigate through your differences.  Karen offers individualized personality coaching to address your relationship challenges utilizing life application tools. (Available for groups, families, couples, or individuals).

Personality Assessments

Not sure of your personality style?  Purchase a personality assessment to find out. With the purchase of the personality assessment you will receive a complimentary 15-minute consultation to go over the results. 

Purchase Assessment

Personality T-shirts

Get your Personality t-shirts and other accessories. These products will be coming to our product store. (TBA)

Personality Training

We offer exciting personality training and speaking engagements to aid you in reconciling and unifying any relationship, (i.e., work, home, ministry, organizations, etc). 


"The Personality of a Leader" seminar/workshop outlines the personality traits of a leader and how to identify and overcome leadership challenges.


"Karen Ward is an exceptional personality trainer and coach! She has presented at our institution several times on a student and administrative level and each time she delivers! Her sessions are exciting, interactive and engaged!  I absolutely love her energy. My students leave the session with a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, weaknesses and traits and learn how to apply them in real life situations; resulting in better working relationships, which is a key skill for tomorrow’s leaders!"